These days it’s difficult for companies to get found on the front page of Google unless they put together an advertising campaign, which of course has a cost to it every time someone clicks, well good news for charities is that Google have launched a program called Google Ad GrantsGoogle Ad grants is basically a ‘not for profit’ version of Google Adwords, which basically means you get your click or free, up to a whopping value of $10,000 a month – now that’s a big gift from Google that you just can’t ignore so if you

  • Hold a current and valid charity status.
  • Acknowledge and agree to the application’s required certifications regarding nondiscrimination and donation receipt and use.
  • and have a functioning website with substantial content

then this is good news because you have the right to apply for this program and get advertising for free on Now of course just like paying clients you will have to manage your adwords account, and you do have to log into it monthly to demonstrate you are taking card of it, but for free text keyword rich ads, you’d be negligent not to.

Of course you could always look at Adwords Express which enables you to take part in this program and reach relevant users within a 15-mile to 40-mile radius around your non profit post code. Adwords Express needs no management as Google does it for you, but of course you do get the geographic restriction.

If you’re interested in taking part you can see all the rules and regulations on Googles Grant pages which you can find here  I would also take a look at their whole non-profit area to see if there are any other products or apps your organisation can use to good effect, you’ll find that resource here

There’s a whole collection of great stuff that Google are doing for Non Profits – join their programmes and reap the benefits!