It’s been a while since we have shared with you what the LinkedIn platform has improved over the last few months, but one area of interest for us is the opening up of the publishing platform (formerly open to the likes of Richard Branson and Bill Gates) which is the perfect place for you to build your professional brand

The LinkedIn members now have the opportunity to reach a wider audience by posting original content (just think blog!!) follow other members that are not currently in their network and basically raise their profile as an influencer on their particular subject.

Unlike other distribution points, the one thing that LinkedIn has is the ability to reach your target audience very quickly, at least through reaching out to your network first and then eventually you may get through to the main channels. If you already follow some channels then you know this is where you go on LinkedIn to┬ástay on top of topics that interest you. Well they curate these channels from, you’ve guessed it the publishing platform and the main top news sources. So this is a very neat vehicle to extend your reach and become know as an authority in your space.

Of course, there is the very real problem that this platform could be open to ‘abuse’ in the form of bad content which is something that LinkedIn will have to keep an eye on, but overall I think this is a very smart move and for those savvy businesses a great place to start building content.

So already started the top 25,000 members will have the ability now to publish unique content on the network, this will be expanding over the coming months. If you want to get involved, raise your head early you can find the form you need to complete right here