Last month Klout was in the news with their new look interface and content platform and its this content platform that will assist in improving your Klout.

Klout is measured by the engagement that you have with your follower base and it isn’t related to how many followers you have, although there are over 400 factors that directly influence your Klout score so its hard to understand all the variables but suffice to say the larger your Klout Score (between 1-100)  the wider your social media reach.

The content platform is fantastic, Klouts description of it is;

Klout intelligently recommends content that will strike a chord with your unique set of friends, fans, and followers. Helpful tags highlight fresh content that is starting to trend as well as items that closely match the interests of your audience members and are likely to resonate with them.

Can you imagine how powerful that could be over time? The system will really start learning what content your audience likes to engage with, and then feed that directly to you so that you can be the one to share it. Also what a great tool to help you with your own content strategy, if you know what your audience likes then it makes it easy to deliver exactly the right thing to them.

Klout also takes it one step further by enabling you to schedule your posts so they can be delivered when people are actually listening.

So without delay you need to be using this new platform, here’s what you must do

  1. Sign into Klout using your Twitter or Facebook login and then get all your social media accounts connected – yes all of them that are supported by the platform. The more information you can give the better Klout will serve you.
  2. Publish high-quality engaging content at regular intervals, we’ve said it before and we keep saying it, create a content calendar and stick to it like glue, this isn’t just the information you create, but also the information you share.
  3. Engage influencers in your particular topic each day Klout gives you 10+Ks that you can spend as influence on other accounts to get on their radar – use them.
  4. Use TweetChat This is a clever tool that enables you to have a conversation with people that are talking about your subject via hashtags, get engaged and watch your Klout score steadily rise.
  5. Use creative graphics, we know that a picture tells a thousand words, it also gets 1000x more engagement than just words, find a way to introduce graphics into your daily schedule and see your engagement grow.

So if you want to get better at social media and really make it work for your company, best start giving it some Klout!