Twitter Changes

Lets start with Twitter first: they have made two main changes to the way you can display images on your Twitter profile.

You need to log in to Twitter to effect the changes, but basically once you have┬álogged in if you go to the ‘me’ channel you will be able to upload a very large (1500px x 500px) image that can portray your company. Now this is very much like your accounts in Google+ and Facebook, where you have one large banner image at the top and then a smaller profile image that cuts into the bigger image for a picture of your logo or you!

Is bigger better? Well I’m not sure it always is, but it is a fantastic way of being able to put a lot of detail in front of prospects, or wowing them with some interesting graphics.

The other useful change that Twitter has enabled is the ability to ‘pin a tweet‘ this means that at the top of your stream you can have one tweet that is always fixed in place. This is an ideal area to promote a particular service or product, or any special offers you might be running. It would be a great idea for you to put together a series of ‘top tweets’ (you can put them into your content calendar) and change them perhaps on a monthly basis.

You can view an example of one of these new profiles and pinned images by checking out Cameo Event Hire

Facebook as well

Facebook also not long ago changed their layout too, so while you’re thinking about your Twitter images it would be a good time to also revamp your Facebook banner. The main sized image here is 851px x 315px. Now the guys over at Socially Stacked have been very helpful to business owners here as they have already created a .psd file that you can use as a starting point to populate with your own images. You can find the template and other useful tips on this blog post here about Facebook Pages

Of course we can help, if you want us to create these for you, just get in touch.