A lot of organisations are still not using the LinkedIn platform to their advantage. Commonly known as the ‘recruitment platform’ in a B2B environment, according to last years IQ Audience insight report LinkedIn was responsible for sending nearly two thirds of all traffic from Social Media sites – and the trend is increasing.

You’ll have noticed that last month saw the end of the platforms products and services page, now in its place you need to create your company ‘showcases.’ These have been around since late last year, but a lot of organisations haven’t utilised them yet – well now is the time to get started to ‘showcase’ your best work.

What are the showcase pages?

When these were first launched LinkedIn described them as a new way to highlight your companies individual brands. So each showcase will market a different message for you that will resonate with different audience segments. A lot of the large brands are taking advantage of this, you can see an example of Microsoft’s showcase page for their Office 365 product here and their partner training page here.

Both of these showcases will attract a different audience, and you’ll see if you click through that the followers of both are different. So users can subscribe to the elements of the Microsoft brand they are interested in and just receive messages pertinent to that particular area.

How do you get started?

It makes sense to create a showcase page when you want to establish a dedicated page to represent a brand, product, or company initiative. If you are an admin of your LinkedIn company, you can simply go to ‘manage’ your page and then under the edit button you’ll find the option to create your showcase. At the moment, you can have 10 showcase pages for each parent company.

What you’ll need prepared in order to create your page is

  1. The main banner image, a Minimum size of 974 x 330 pixels.
  2. The main logo image 100 x 60 pixels.
  3. The square logo 50 x 50 pixels.
  4. Your showcase page name.
  5. Your showcase description. (minimum 75 characters, maximum 200)
  6. Your showcase page website URL (link to an inner page of your company website)

Of course you will need to think about how you can create an active presence and content strategy for each of your showcase pages, so don’t go too mad when you first start or you won’t be able to keep up!

Need Help?

All of the social media platforms are now favouring these large bold images. If you would like us to put together a social media pack of images together for you that you can use to spotlight your company just give us a call.