In our last blog, we helped you with some ideas for finding influencers that will help amplify your brand message. Now let’s look at the next steps to follow to build on this list and take it to the next step.

Your first step in the program is to listen

Listen to your influencers

  1. Take the time to learn the social media platforms (and offline platforms – speaking events that kind of thing) that your influencer appears on. What content are they sharing? – do they prefer to share video / blogs / news articles. Is there one element or theme that is consistent through their content curation – if so what is it?
  2. Share the relevant pieces they are distributing to your audience.

Once you have made sure that all your influencers are worthy of your effort, then your next step is to start to engage with them

Engage with your influencers

  1. Make sure you have subscribed to everything that they do – their blog posts and newsletter. Make sure your name is on their radar.
  2. Comment on pieces that they have written. Take the time to personalise your messages, and, if you can, add further information on the subject, or ask a pertinent question.
  3. If they are attending an event (typically they will be one of  the speakers) then attend that event.

This part of the process takes time. Keep a log of all the interactions so that you know how many times you have ‘touched’ your influencer and if they have responded. There is no guide to the right time to start your outreach program, for some brands it will take a lot longer than others. If you’ve managed a few interactions then give it a go!

Influencer outreach

There are many ways to reach out to people that you want to help amplify your marketing message. Typically you need to put content in front of them that resonates well with them so they will share it. One way to achieve this is to talk about them. You can

  1. Interview them and publish the interview
  2. If they’ve spoken at a conference, write up a summary of their presentation with your endorsements.
  3. Write a blog about them endorsing what they do.

Of course, once you have done this, you will need to send them a personal message alerting them to your piece of writing.

Moving forward other ideas are

  1. Get them to take part in an online conference with you, by aligning yourself with these types of people your credibility will rise. One of our clients, Lisa Barnwell, has succeeded extremely well in achieving this. Her bumps and the boardroom online conference has attracted top level speakers, which will increase her credibility with her clients, whilst providing them with top level information that will help them.
  2. Ask them to write a piece of content for your blog, or vice versa. Co-collaboration works very well.
  3. Compile a questionnaire, send the results of  you findings to your influencers for background information, if they use any data they will credit you with the findings.
  4. If you have a product to sell -send a free one too them. Ask them to review it, or write a testimonial if they love it.

These are just a few ideas to engage influencers; you need to persuade them to regularly champion your brand to their followers – put a plan together today to get yours working for you!