As some of you will know, JCK Marketing are on the committee and judging panel for the West Berkshire Business Awards. I speak to a lot of businesses in the run up to the close of the awards to ask them to enter their business, and it got me thinking about all the very positive reasons why you should take the time to enter relevant business awards, whether you win or not!

Positive reasons to enter

  1. In applying for the award, you will put your business under your spotlight, and it will give you an opportunity to step back, take a good look at the positives and negatives, and identify areas of growth and opportunity. Knowing your business challenges is a good thing, as you can put steps in place to improve the position – when being judged, if you already have a plan in place to make things right it will be seen as a positive and not a negative.
  2. When being judged, typically you will be in the mix with other businesses that are similar in nature to yours, so you will be able to assess your company in relation to your peer group. If you are not successful, you could ask the judges for feedback. This information might prove to be very useful as it might highlight areas that you haven’t thought about.
  3. Being a finalist. If you get shortlisted, at this stage publicity can kick in. You can send out press releases to the local news, radio stations and industry publications to announce that you have made the finals. This publicity can be shared on your social media platforms, and you can put “finalist” logos on your website, blogs and email footers. This all adds to users trusting they are dealing with a great reputable company.
  4. Winning. Nothing can compare to being ‘the best of the best o the best’ the publicity engine will really take over. Not only can you escalate the publicity you started by being a finalist, the business awards themselves will also highlight your success and you will get immediate recognition as being the ‘go-to’ company in your sector.

Further reasons

  1. Employees get a real sense of pride after being successful.
  2. If you are looking for new talent, employees like to be part of a successful winning team.
  3. Similarly, if you are looking for investment, all of these awards can add to your story.
  4. Further exposure, the committee of the awards will need to market and advertise next years competition. You could easily be part of that marketing with video snips, further press releases and testimonials. What a great way to get more free publicity.
  5. Further awards, once you’ve got the bug you’ll spread your wings and go for bigger and better. More publicity and customers will follow.

There are no negative reasons for spending time on your business, and putting yourself forward for award ceremonies. What are you waiting for?

Your Takeaway

  1. Investigate award ceremonies that are right for your business,
  2. find the right category (play to your strengths) and
  3. give it a go!