Social Media is fast paced, blink and you miss it. Every second your tweet stream fills up and more photos are published on Facebook. We all know that without tweeting multiple times every day, and actively baiting on Facebook, engagement and response rates are extremely low. Users barely see your posts let alone think about responding to them.

With email though, it is a different story. If you manage to get past the spam filters, then you know that your email will be seen, well at least the title, and if you get that right there is a really good chance that your email will be read. So your list is still one of the most important attributes your business has, and you should be using it.

We know that Social Media has the ability to target specific users, looking at geography, or job title or particular interests, well if you know your list well enough and spend time and energy putting together groups (or lists) then you too can make sure your emails hit the correct audience type. Now most businesses won’t invest the time to do this but will spend hours spending time on social media to try and get to the right people. Here’s a newsflash – you probably have a lot of right people already on your list you just don’t know it!

[Tweet “Here are seven tips to get back to email marketing that works”]

  1. Segment your audience and change your email message to resonate with the list you are sending to. It could simply be a change in title or subtle changes to the words and images you are using
  2. Headline, we don’t need to tell you the importance of your title, be creative so that it intrigues someone to open it. “This months newsletter” just doesn’t cut it!
  3. Be consistent, so that users are expecting (and looking forward to) receiving your email
  4. Add value if you are purely sending out broadcast messages users will have nothing to interact with. Give them knowledge or entertainment.
  5. Remember the mobile user. Most of us are on the go a lot, so short messages that link to a resource works well. They can get the gist on the go and then if its of value to them they can take a better look at the longer format once they are stationary.
  6. Linked to point 5, make sure that you have got a plain text version of your email. Not everyone will see the HTML version (in fact a lot of research demonstrates that plain text converts higher these days)
  7. Can your email message pass the spam-filter test? – give yourself the best chance of getting into the inbox. We advise using an email provider that will help improve delverability

In Conclusion

Get email marketing working for you, put it back in the mix and combine it with all your social media efforts, believe me the money still is in the list!