Another website has been launched under the umbrella of Essential Hotels, this time giving you the perfect place to look if you want to book a holiday at Disneyland Paris, Hotels and other essential tickets can be purchased online.

The website launched just a few weeks ago, but due to an aggressive Pay Per Click campaign it is already reaping rewards and returning on the investment. With further work to be done on the ongoing SEO, we’re hoping that the website will soon be on the first page of Google so that the PPC can be scaled back (its actually one of the most expensive in terms of click costs!)

The website highlights just some of the hotels on the Disneyland Paris complex and over the coming months more will be added, with the ease of being able to book online the website is a great 24×7 marketing tool for this UK company.

Want a holiday in Disneyland Paris? why not go and take a look – Disneyland Paris Hotels