Richard Branson’s quote illustrates how a business needs to embrace fun and show its creative instincts in every way it can.

One common thread in people is that they like to enjoy themselves and have a little bit of fun. If you can tap into this common attribute then you’ll go along way to get people to trust and like you, this works for your customers, prospects and also your staff members.

What can you do to create some energy and fun, can you get your staff involved?

For example on your website team page do you just have a list of employees? Could you perhaps be a bit more creative and dress them up in clothes that represent their hobbies, can your staff come up with a better idea?

In your content creation for distribution around the web can you have a bit of fun?

Remember that jokes, funny images and videos get shared a lot more than text, so what can you create with imagery that has a creative edge with your business. One of the most successful marketing campaigns is for an insurance website that compares prices, liking it to a Meerkat. So taking what is quite a dull business putting some creative thought against it has now made the website very well known and as a spin off you can actually buy Meerkat merchandise, now that’s creative and clever and most importantly it embraces a bit of humour, showing customers that this ethos runs throughout the business and they are passionate about their products, which lets face it are pretty dull!

The creative ethos of your company should be shown throughout your business practices. The fun, energetic portrayal of the business must be exercised in a way which involves everyone in each and every area of the business. You need to love your business and be enthusiastic and passionate about the product or service you offer, this will attract the right customers. However, you then need to ensure that your customers can see this enthusiasm and passion for the business and get the message across in a way which attracts them.

If you’re feeling your enthusiasm is lacking or you’re not sure how to get your marketing techniques right then come and talk to us.