Considering that the average time that someone spends on a web page is 68 seconds, first impressions really do count!

Rarely do people surf for fun. Information needs to be found instantly – and the information and solutions you offer need to be exactly what your visitor is looking for.

Your company needs to stand out and capture your clients’ and prospects’ attention and encourage them to find out more about you, your business and the products and services you offer, the oldest marketing principle of A.I.D.A. really still counts and if you can’t manage the first A (Attention) then the rest don’t even come into play…(Interest / Desire / Action)

The challenge for today’s websites is to encourage visitors to spend time on your site – you should check the bounce rate on your Google Analytics and if you don’t know what it means ask us and we’ll tell you why it’s so important!

We know that humans are visual creatures and they want to look at visually attractive content.  That is why in this day and age of information effective web design is so important because visitors will always prefer to surf a website that is visually stimulating, as it naturally interests them in the content from the outset.

Some simple tips for you

  1. Make your navigation simple. Over complicate things at your peril – it’s a bit like walking into a shop… if you can’t find what you’re looking for you quickly leave.
  2. Make sure you have relevant signposts throughout the site… think about the pages that your visitors might also like to go to from each of the pages on your site. For example if you’re selling tins of paint, your visitors might also like to look at your range of paint brushes!
  3. Always fine tune your site. In the same way that you would keep your clothes washed and neatly ironed, your site will need some constant TLC to keep it fresh and appealing!

And if you need help with any of this – you know who to talk to. Give us a call!