In most cases the client that shouts the loudest receives most of your attention, it just seems to be the way of the world that actually 20% of your client base actually provide about 80% of the revenue into your business and therefore take up about 80% of your time. But that leaves a lot of money on the table you could get hold of with clients you already know about but are perhaps staying silent. How can you get them re-engaged with you?

Well try re-invigorating your email marketing, when was the last time you sent an email out to your clients? There are many advantages of email, not least it is still the one place everyone goes to on a daily basis and you email doesn’t ‘time out’ like social media platforms, regardless of when you send it the client will see it at very least.

Other benefits to you include:

  1. Up-selling and Cross Selling: It is your responsibility to let your clients know about all your products and services. You can bet your bottom dollar a lot of your customers don’t have an idea of the extent of your portfolio. If you could cross-sell just a small margin imagine the difference that could make to the bottom line.
  2. Auto-Responders: With many of the email marketing products you can use these days, its quite easy to set up a series of emails, that builds over time and delivers value to your clients, don’t under-estimate the power of these. Most market research indicates people need to ‘touch’ you a minimum of 9 times before they make a purchase
  3. Personalisation & targeting: With email systems both these features are easy to implement, you can easily target a sub-section of your audience. For example if your customers have purchased a tennis racket from you, then send just an email to that list offering them tennis balls (you know they need them!)
  4. It builds relationships, loyalty and trust: If you are delivering good quality emails that people want to receive, naturally their trust and loyalty will increase as a result
  5. Low cost marketing: There are two costs associated to email marketing, the cost of the tool, and then the cost of the time of management of your database (This does need doing if you want to optimise your success) and of course writing an email. But compared to other marketing channels this proves to be the least expensive.

If you’re not taking advantage of email marketing in your business, then you are missing a trick by spending all your time with your clients that shout at you. Invest a tiny bit of time to re-invigorate the quiet ones, it will add to your bottom line!