Last Thursday 28th August was the 50th anniversary of the infamous “I Have a Dream” a public speech delivered by American clergyman and activist Martin Luther King, Jr. in which he called for an end to racism in the United States, where he described freedom and equality. It got me thinking about today’s life and equality in everything we do everyday – especially as a small business owner.

When it comes to running an online business whats your dream? is it about equality, that everything is fair and equal online – this I’m afraid is a long way from the truth, so what can you do to make your business the one that stands out?

It’s true, sometimes the harder you try to be visible online, the further away you get, whilst your competition, who never change anything online always seems to be there getting your traffic and prospects, or the larger brands just have more money to throw at it.

These days, its not about working harder, but about working smarter. I want to talk to you today about getting smarter by identifying  ‘whats your one thing?’

To make the playing field unequal so that you come out on top how can you differentiate your offerings from those of your competitor? can you create some niche marketing that enables you to really corner the market? Now I’m not saying you need to change your product or service offering, but perhaps you could become a specialist in a certain sector, or for a certain product. (remember it doesn’t mean you can’t service other areas, just that you’re spending your marketing money on just one lazer targeted focus)

The easiest example I can give you is a florist, something we can all relate to. While most florists will happily produce a floral arrangement for any occasion, the smart florist will chose to market to just one area of the business –  for example ‘flowers for offices’

Now you can see how this starts to narrow how you’d market this part of your business. On the social platforms you’d target companies instead of individuals, You’d get fabulous photos of flowers in a reception to an office block, and you’d write about how important first impressions are on clients to that business, all totally different from the 300 florists already in your area looking after the wedding market.

You’ve just got your ‘one thing’ that no-one else has. That’s quite a game changer online as everything you do will have a unique fresh edge.

Martin Luther Kings speech discussed the gap between the American dream and the American lived reality, which I’m afraid regretably I think still has some way to go, perhaps finding your one thing will help close the gap between the dream of being found online and the actual reality, need some help with that? why not give us a call