One area of advertising that usually gets forgotten about is display advertising. It’s always worth a consideration when you are putting together a marketing campaign for your brand or a particular product.

We’re all used to offline display advertising, the boards you see as you’re travelling up and down the escalators to catch the tube, on the back of buses or at the airport, but what about online display advertising can you take advantage  of that?

As you browse the web, you are continually advertised to, some of them are quite blatent, video ads, normal pay per click ads. Online display ads are the ones that you see on websites, they can run as a banner ad (normally at the top of a website) a tower ad – vertically placed, or a smaller square ad.

So why would you use display advertising?

Well if done correctly display advertising can be extremely well targeted. Lets take Facebook as an example of where you might like to place an ad. You can target by location, gender, age, marital status and the list goes on. If you know the particular persona type you are targeting then this could be an extremely effective medium for you, LinkedIn provides a similar opportunity. As the content in these Ads can be very rich, eye catching images or even videos they can be very effective at promoting your brand.

Like any other type of advertising you need to understand your end goal, are you increasing brand awareness? are you trying to increase online sales? before you can maximise your return on display advertising you need to understand what success looks like. For example if you are looking at brand awareness then number of impressions are important, but if you want to improve sales then clicks and conversion matter.

When putting together your display campaign, think about it as you would buying a new house.

  1. Location, Location, Location – where your ad appears on page is important.
  2. Size Matters, in display normally bigger is better.
  3. Kerb Appeal, unattractive ads will not get clicked on, make yours stand out.
  4. Who’s in the neighbourhood, what websites you choose – make sure the correct audience hangs out there

There is a lot to consider when putting display in your marketing campaign, but if you understand the end goal it can provide a very effective medium to market your business.