If someone lands on your website and stays a while it’s safe to assume that they have some kind of interest in your business. The visitor is qualifying themselves in to what you have to offer. So why wouldn’t you want to remind them of their visit – you would right? Remarketing achieves this for you and it can be one of the most powerful advertising strategies you can deploy.

When you browse a website the cookies store the information that you are looking at, so even when you leave the site your information is captured and can be re-used. So lets assume you were on a website looking at holidays in Italy. When you leave that site all of a sudden everywhere you go you see the same company offering you holidays through display advertising (graphical adverts that you see on the side of websites, which can be news sites, blogs, forums that kind of thing).

So all of a sudden your brand looks a lot bigger than it actually is, as the average internet user won’t understand that they have been ‘targeted’ they’ll just assume that your advert was naturally placed for everyone to see. This will increase your brand awareness and trust, making the user more likely to click back through to your website. So you can see how effective it could be.

You could easily use your remarketing efforts to incentivise these people with a discount or some kind of promotion, this can be a very effective way to entice them back into your sales funnel.

The way to put together a smart remarketing campaign in to split your target audiences, so for example you can have one remarketing ad for all site visitors and then perhaps another ad for those people that got into your shop area and then abandoned. Of course you do have to be careful not to have to may visitors in duplicate campaigns or they will feel that big brother really is watching them and your brand will become annoying and perhaps even de-valued. The benefit of doing this is that you can tailor your ad to where the visitor is in the buying cycle, it can be extremely powerful and converting those that are ready to buy.

You can use frequency capping as well on your ads to prevent someone getting completely overloaded with your adverts. So there is a lot to think about when putting together a remarketing campaign, but if worked correctly can produce better results than other routes to market.

So remember if someone lands on your website, then you really should ‘Play it again Sam’