Google’s definition of this ad is

Engagement Ads captivate consumers with rich, creative messages. Tuned and optimized to user engagement instead of clicks and conversions, Engagement Ads help you find new customers who are interested in your brand message and only require you to pay when users engage.

This is incredibly powerful if you are looking to build your brand, as its combining the best of brand building with the science of digital advertising.

How do engagement Ads work?

The first thing that you need to work through is what creative canvas will work with your brand, is it a single video, a game, or a video mosaic. Users engage with the canvas by hovering over your ‘teaser ad’ for longer than two seconds which will force the ad to expand and start showing your creative canvas. That is what is known to Google as ‘engagement’ so at this point you will be charged for that interaction. However if the visitor doesn’t hover over the teaser then you are not charged even though the user has seen your brand message.

The teaser Ad can be in different formats, much like display advertising and the sizes do depend on what it is that you will be displaying. You can choose from 6 different customizable formats depending on your creative

  1. Standard Expandables
  2. Hover-to-play
  3. Lightbox
  4. Standard lightbox
  5. Masthead Lightbox
  6. Catalogue Lightbox

This is a really good way to reach your audience in a very new creative way and stats show that users are 10x more likely¬†to engage with these ads over normal display advertising. Here’s Google’s video showing the different formats.

Go on capture your future customers interest, give engagement Ads a shot!