Last week we spoke about the importance of keywords when putting together a pay per click campaign on Google. Now let’s focus on making those keywords work for you by getting people to click on your advert and go through to your website.

It comes back to basic marketing, make sure the right message is shown at the right time. If you think about the sales funnel, and how users search online, there are typically three main stages of search.. I’ll remind you of my ‘buying a car’ example. The search would go something like this

Search phrase 1: What Used Car to Buy

Once I’ve had a look through whats on offer I might then start narrowing down my search to

Search phrase 2: Buy Used Ford

and then, after further thought

Search phrase 3: Buy used Ford KA

Search Phrase 1 Buy Used Car

This is the research phase, so at the very top of your sales funnel, where the visitor doesn’t know you, or indeed what exactly they want to purchase. Other phrases in this type of search could include the words ‘compare’ or ‘review’ At this stage, the searcher is a prospect for you and are not ready to buy just yet. But, if you want this type of traffic there are a couple of things you can do

  1. Ad Wording – Don’t put the word ‘buy’ in your ad; it will turn them away. Think about what you can offer at this stage and what your business goal is. Normally at this stage the best you can hope for is that they leave contact details with you so that you can continue marketing to them using email marketing or perhaps remarketing. So in you ad why don’t you use the words ‘download’ or ‘research.’ You will then be hitting the right notes for them. Of course, if you use these words in your advert, you then have to deliver that on your website!
  2. Site Link Extensions – Use these well.. At this stage, you can help the user by giving them access to other areas of your site where they can compile research. So try and be descriptive in your extension text. ‘Reviews of Cars’ or ‘car comparison’ might work well here.

Search Phrase 2 Buy Used Ford

So at this point the person is working the way down the funnel and has made some decisions on what they want to buy. Make sure your Adtext encourages them to click on you by matching the buying stage they are at.

  1. Ad Wording – You know that the person wants a Ford car. So you need to think about putting together your ad text to let them know you can help them with Ford Cars. So something like ‘A wide range of Ford Cars’ or ‘Top reviewed Ford Cars’
  2. Site Link Extensions – Again tailor these to the buying cycle. So think about ‘Ford Comparisons’ or the ‘Top 10 Ford Car list’ – of course your website will then have to deliver these messages.

Search Phrase 3 Buy Used Ford KA

This person knows what they want so you can send these guys direct to your sales pages. Make sure the purchase process is simple for them, so they know what steps to follow.

  1. Ad Wording – You can use the words ‘ buy’ in these ads. Make sure the user knows that there is a purchase path available and if you can offer them something that the competitors don’t – perhaps your USP – or free shipping or a particular deal. Make it compelling that they will only click on your ad!
  2. Ad Link Extensions – You may not want to send them to different areas of your site at this stage, it might be better to put your telephone number on this type of advert.

In our next blog we’ll take a look at landing pages and what information you could put on them to maximise the visit to your website. In the meantime, if you have any questions, do leave them in the comment box below!