It’s important that you understand what your user experience is like when they get to your website and also how Google views the experience. If Google deems that you have a ‘below average’ experience then as a consequence your pay per click quality score will be reduced, which in turn affects how much you pay for your clicks and also your position.

Position in pay per click matters, our experience shows us that if you are in position 4 or lower the chances of your ad being successful is diminished, so the goal has to be to get your ads in position 1-3, and, of course, no-one wants to pay a premium for a click, that goes without saying.

What you need on your landing pages

There are three areas that you need to consider when putting together your strategy for landing pages, they are all important, so please make sure you adhere to all of them.

  1. Content. Our favourite theme. But it is especially important if you are paying for traffic to your website. Your landing page must be relevant to your adgroup text and the keywords you are using. If you are trying to encourage clicks for ‘Red High Heel Shoes’ don’t land your visitor on a page with ‘Blue High Heel Shoes’ on. Of course, your content needs to be original and unique to your brand. Try and have content that stands out and if you can add social proof so much the better as this plays a part in influencing buying decisions.
  2. Navigation. Another key element is making sure that you site is easy to navigate. Think about putting secondary navigation links into your pages if that makes sense. An example of this would be if you were a sports shop and you had a rugby section. On the page where you were selling rugby balls you would then make it easy for that user to find rugby kit, rugby boots, etc. Of course, if you do have an online shop, you must make it easy for the user to buy something, pop-ups have a negative impact here – our advice is to not use them.
  3. Transparency. It’s  important for your visitors to trust that you are a bonafide company. Please make sure that you tick all of the relevant bits of information that the user needs to see (even just subconsciously) to foster trust. these include
    1. Contact details – telephone number and email address
    2. Returns Policy
    3. Privacy Policy
    4. Terms and Conditions
    5. Cookie Policy

If you can tick all of these items, chances are you’ll have a great landing page for your pay per click campaign, your quality score and ad position will improve, and your click cost will decrease. So what are you waiting for – go and complete an audit now and put right anything that’s wrong!!