One task that we know can be difficult to manage and understand is which adgroups or campaigns showed the biggest increase in costs and/or budget, because whilst you are adding a few pennies here and there, its quite difficult to see what impact that has on your overall campaign. There is a Dimension that can help you with that

Top Movers

If you have noticed that either your click costs are up, or your actual clicks are down this report can assist you to diagnose the campaign. The top movers report identifies the top movers and shows you some possible causes for those changes. This can be important because a top line view of all of your campaigns can be very misleading.

As an example, if one of your campaigns showed an increase of 500 clicks and another a decrease of 250 clicks, overall you might be feeling very happy with yourself. But wouldn’t you want to go and delve deeper into both those campaigns to really understand why. You might want to extend further the one that is doing really well, whilst trying to understand (and rectify) the decreasing campaign.

This is a quick snapshot and allows you to quickly identify areas of interest. From here you can also get to the change history so you can be reminded of all the tweaks you made!

The second and final area that we use a lot is the destination URL

Destination URL

This is what it says on the tin really, the destination URLs of all your clicks. This can be really interesting when you take a look at how many clicks you have had on specific URL’s versus the number of conversions that landing page has generated. You might have one page that is coverting most of your business. What does this tell you? – well it could be that the keywords are really well targeted, or the landing page design is absolutely spot on. Is it something you can replicate across your campaigns.

Highlighting your clicks via the URL in a simple way can really make a difference when it comes to conversion.

Take a look at our earlier post for the other two tabs we use a lot in the dimensions reporting. Get to grips with this and you’ll make a difference with your PPC campaigns.