First, lets quickly cover the legal side of this. If you are re-marketing then you have to use Cookies to collect the relevant data you need to target your adverts. You are legally obliged to tell the visitors to your website you are doing this, so we suggest that you refer to your re-marketing activities in your website legal text about Cookies.

Now onto the more important information about advanced re-marketing, which is where you can implement different strategies through different combinations of audience lists that you build up in your campaign.

Different Strategies that might work for you

Retarget users by product type This course be a service type as well. You can create a list of visitors to a certain page or pages of your website. You simple create a page per unique URL that you want and then create an advert that is relevant for the particular area. So as an example if you were a language academy and you wanted to target those visitors that were interested in your French Course and also your Spanish Course, you would create two lists and two series of Ads that pushed the visitor back to the correct page. This can be a great strategy for those types of products or services where a bit of research is required first, or they can’t be purchased on line.

This kind of marketing can be genius, if you are really wanting to target your audience, you can set up a list for each of the products on your website, and create an advert for each one of them, you’ll have a highly targeted piece of marketing, to a user that is definitely wanting what you have to offer.

Retarget shoppers You can use another list for users that have actually purchased product on your website, you simply use the thank you page URL as the one to create your list from. Now you have the ability to maybe sell more to an existing client. Whats more you can set up another list that will target them perhaps 30 days after the purchase, just as a prompt that you are still about.

Retargeting an abandoned shop Another form is to re-target someone that started the buying process but gave up half way through. You can capture these individuals and get them to come back to you – of course you will need to make sure you exclude the people that did make a purchase.

Sitewide Audience You can of course just target everyone that finds your website, this can work for those companies that really want to complete some Brand Awareness, but of course is not particularly targeted. Some companies start with this and then get more creative once the adverts are up and running (you have to have 500 people to remarket to)

Campaign Specific Targeting You might want to turn this on and off for particular campaigns you are running, or at certain times of year when you could capture a few more sales – typically though you would use one of the above methods and tailor the adverds accordingly (say for a Christmas campaign)

If structured correctly (you do need to still identify geography / times of day and frequency), this can be one of the most cost effective ways to advertise your business, so get creating your lists today!


How to Effectively Use Remarketing to Increase Your Revenue
Courtesy of: Quick Sprout