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Facebooks answer to Google Plus

This week saw the launch of Facebook Smart Lists, in response to the Google Plus ‘circles’ feature. Smart Lists are a way of replicating real life social groups, so its really easy for you to categorise your friends into ‘family members’ closest friends, colleagues etc. etc. Smart lists are there to help you quickly profile your friends, first into four categories ...

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Got a Facebook Profile instead of a business page, it can be sorted!

  Finally Facebook have released a useful tool that enables you to turn a profile into a business page. This is for all of those individuals (in the early days) that launched their business using a Facebook profile (against Facebook rules but who knew that back in the day!). This is great news as a page really is better for you ...

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Facebook settings you should know about

Facebook continuously amaze me with the speed that they make changes to their platform, some to the good and others perhaps not quite! There are two that I really want to tell you about because they could impact you personally. Here is the first, which could seriously affect your privacy if you don’t make some changes, it is the Facebook ‘instant personalisation’. What ...

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